Nuestra Tienda

Our shop is a small family business, located in front of the Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla. Ours is the fourth generation of antique dealers; a history that dates back to the early 20th Century. However, Antigüedades el Museo was founded recently in 1988 , by Mari Carmen Perez.

In our store you can find all kinds of items. We have a great collection of 19th Century paintings, with special representation of Andalusian's Costumbrismo. In sculpture you can find many pieces in different techniques: marble, wood carving, terra-cotta, bronze, etc.

We also have numerous objects for decoration and knickknacks: vases, clocks, candlesticks, coffee sets, glass cabinet's objects, biscuit porcelain, ceramic plates, etc. And of course, a wide variety of furniture in all styles.

Special mention for our wide collection of antique shawls. These hand bordered items were made in silk in the19th Century.

The laces are also present in our store. We have mantillas, picos (triangles), wedding veils, etc. in the best techniques: Brussels, Chantilly, Allençon, etc.

And we can not forget the jewelry. A great collection of antique jewelry of diferent styles, from the Isabelino until the 60s, with pieces of the art-nouveau and modernism, art-deco, retro and Victorian.


  »   Plaza del Museo 4, 41001 (Seville) - Telephone: (0034) 954 560 128 / Fax: (0034) 954 560 128
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