Sell your antiques

Get the best price for their antiques. Do you have an antique that is not important to you? Sell it, but not at any price. We pay a fair price, and always with a friendly and courteous treatment. Contact us to sell what you no longer want: paintings, sculptures, jewelry, shawls, silver, etc.


Do you want to fix a painting, sculpture, jewelry or something but you do not know where to start? We have the best restorers and we can process it in order to obtain the best results at the price of professionals. Our experience choosing the best restorer can help you because we are constantly restoring art pieces.

And now we have our jewels workshop, where you can repair and produce your jewels with the confidence of a business with over than 25 years experience.


Do you want to know precisely what you have? We make reports and perform appraisals on antiques and art as well as jewelry. We are qualified professionals: expert appraiser of antiques, gemologist and jewelry appraiser compose our team

Do you have problems to manage an inheritance? We can evaluate, identify and separate in batches the objects that make up an inheritance. Do you want to properly insure your property? You can present to the insurance company an expert report in order to insure correctly your antique objets.

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